About Us

Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority by its acronym ZEMA was established under the Zanzibar Environmental Management Act, 2015 aiming at coordinating, regulating, monitoring and supervising the environmental management concerns.

The prime objective which was crucial for the establishment of this Authority was to bring harmony in the management and enforcement of environment in Zanzibar.

The main pre occupation of ZEMA therefore is enforcement, compliance, review and monitor all environmental activities in Zanzibar.

Director Message

Dear Visitors,

On behalf of the Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA), I am very much delighted to have this opportunity to welcome you to our official website.
Through this website you will find useful information regarding environment issues in Zanzibar such as Environment Policy of 2013, Environmental Management Act, 2015, Regulations and other environmental procedures.
We do hope on this website, you will find all the undertakings of ZEMA as a regulatory body of our environment as well as the service we provide to realize the harmony of our environment and its sustainable development.
We advance our sincere thanks for your visit and don’t hesitate to contact us for any extra information regarding environmental management in Zanzibar.
I thank you,
Sheha M Juma
Director General-ZEMA