Organization Structure

Board managing Labor issues

i. Salary Advisory Board

Some of its functions are as follows: -
a) To advise the Honorable Minister on Labor matters regarding the payment and reduction of salaries of employees in the Public Service and Private Sector.
b) Advising the Minister of Labor on the minimum wage of employees and the means to achieve that level.
c) To make recommendations to His Excellency the President regarding salary levels for all categories of all employees of Zanzibar.

ii. Career Advisory Board

Some of its functions are as follows: -
a) To provide advice to the Honorable Minister on Labor issues.
b) To address and advise on any proposed legislation that affects employment, employment, labor relations or the work environment.
c) To discuss any issues relating to employment, employment, labor relations between Employers and Employees and the work environment or labor laws as they deem fit, and to report in writing to Hon. Minister about the debate.

The Commission has the following main responsibilities:

• Overseeing the implementation of labor laws in the country;
• Conducting work inspections in the workplace;
• Resolving and Resolving Dispute Disputes submitted;
• Fighting child labor;
• Promoting good working relationships between employers and employees.