Power of the ZEMA

Section 23 (1) of the Zanzibar Environmental Management Act highlight the power of Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority. Based on that section,  the Authority shall have powers to:

  1. provide directives on the proper action to be taken for the effective
    environmental management;
  2. issue a stop order for any activity to any person who violates this Act;
  3. order an immediate closure of any activity found in violation of this Act;
  4. impose fees and charges for the granting of environmental certificates, permits
    and approvals for services and facilities provided by the Authority;
  5. change, suspend, or revoke environmental certificate, permit or approval
    issued in accordance with this Act;
  6. enter into contracts with any person for the purpose of fulfilling the functions
    of the Authority;
  7. seek an environmental information from any person when deems necessary;
  8. seize any property which has been found in connection of violation of any
    provision of this Act; and
  9. arrest any person who has been found in connection with violation of any
    provision of this Act.